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Sport Injury

Sports Injury Treatment at Scenic Health & Chiropractic

At Scenic Health & Chiropractic, we encourage all of our patients to be physically active and remain as fit as possible because we know the benefits that come with them. On the other hand, we also recognize that playing sports can lead to injuries. When you get injured, it is our mission to help you get back on the field of play as quickly as possible. For those who live in the Pensacola, FL, area, there are a few ways that our chiropractor can help with this process. 


Common Sports Injuries Seen at Our Chiropractic Clinic

No matter what sport you play, injuries are bound to happen. Below are a few that we commonly see in our patients, but are not the only ones.

  • Shoulder injuries, such as rotator cuff tears and dislocations
  • Ligament sprains in the knees, elbows, and ankles
  • Tendon injuries that might occur in the legs and arms
  • Runner's knee, which can lead to a significant amount of stress and discomfort
  • Soft tissue injuries that might occur in the field of play

What Kind of Treatment Can a Chiropractor Provide?

We are proud to have a host of treatment options that allow our patients to recover from their sports injuries. One of them being adjustments to the spine and joints. A misaligned spine can halt the functions of many systems in the body, affecting one’s performance and health. Adjustments enable our chiropractor to restore function to your body, activating the healing responses and alleviating pain.


We also provide rehabilitation services that can help our patients recover promptly. Our rehabilitation plans include exercises that strengthen the site of injury, reduce the time to recover, prevent it from occurring in the future, and enhances performances and coordination.

Our chiropractor even offers massage therapy to our athlete patients. Massage therapy is a wonderful healing method that not only heals the sports injury but also encourages blood circulation, lessens pain, and decreases inflammation and swelling around the injured area.

Trust the Team from Scenic Health & Chiropractic for All Sports Injury Needs

At Scenic Health & Chiropractic, we recognize that anyone who suffers a sports injury wants to get back on the field of play as quickly as possible. At the same time, we want all of our Pensacola, FL, patients to do so safely. That is where our chiropractic team can help. If you would like to learn more about how our chiropractor can help you with a sports injury, then please call us today at 850-438-5900 to make an appointment.


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