Understanding Sciatica

Scenic Health & Chiropractic in Pensacola wants you to know there are many different types of back pain that can flare-up. They can be caused by overuse at work or an injury of some kind. Illnesses and some diseases also can cause back pain or make it worse. Of all the different types of back pain that a person can experience, one of the most painful and debilitating is sciatica. This burning and intense pain is caused by the vertebrae of the spine pinching, rubbing, or irritating the large sciatica nerve. This nerve runs from the lower spinal column to the hips where the nerve branches again and runs down each leg. It is one of the major nerves in the lower region of the body and thus when it flares up it can be extremely painful.

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Sciatica Symptoms

Symptoms of this condition can include the following:

  • Severe stabbing pain in the lower spine and tailbone area
  • Numbness or weakness in the lower back of the legs
  • Pain that travels from the lower back to the hips or groin area
  • Pain shooting down the leg, flaring at the hip, knee, and ankle
  • Weakness, numbness, loss of mobility, and balance issues
  • Inability to sit, stand, walk, move, or even lay down without pain
  • Symptoms generally displaying in only one leg

Getting proper care for sciatic pain is important because it can quickly worsen. An injury to this major nerve could cause permanent damage if treatment is not started in time.

Sciatica and Chiropractic Care

Massage therapy and physical therapy are the two primary types of treatment that our local chiropractor will use to address your sciatica.  Massage therapy focuses on manipulating the muscles of the lower back and ensuring the spine is in proper alignment. Once the vertebrae are realigned, they will not cut into the sciatic nerve and the symptoms should begin to improve. Once the pain begins to subside, then physical therapy will begin. The goal of physical therapy is to improve muscle tone and core strength to help keep the spine in place. It will help prevent further slips of the vertebrae and protect the nerve from becoming damaged again.

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