Physical Therapy with our Pensacola Chiropractor

At Scenic Health & Chiropractic in Pensacola, FL, our health team uses a combination of various rehabilitation services to help you recover from injuries, overcome lifelong pain conditions and improve your overall body mechanics.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Blake Fenton combines chiropractic techniques of gentle spinal manipulation with physical therapy services to ensure your body is receiving the treatments it requires. While physical therapy is often used for injury recovery, you may also seek these treatments for managing pain conditions and overcome years of improper body posture and overuse.

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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation in Pensacola

Following your physical evaluation, Dr. Fenton may suggest our physical therapy services as part of your healing care plan. This plan includes different treatment options along two different rehabilitation pathways: passive during which techniques are applied to your body and active in which you participate in the therapy.

Our passive rehabilitation techniques include:

    • Electro-muscle stimulation in which muscular contractions are produced through a gentle electrical impulse
    • Cryotherapy in which cold is presented to your injured areas to reduce inflammation
    • Moist heat applied to your muscles to stimulate circulation and healing
    • Ultrasound to stimulate the muscles at a deeper level which encourages recovery
    • Traction which helps to increase the space between vertebrae and eliminate back, neck and nerve pain
    • Trigger point therapy to eliminate areas of muscle tension and scar tissue

Our active rehabilitation techniques include:

    • Core stabilization during which you learn how to engage your core muscles and support a healthy posture
    • Joint mobilization which helps you increase your mobility and range of motion
    • Muscle control correction in which you learn how to use proper body mechanics to avoid future injuries and discomfort
    • Postural correction which teaches you how to maintain a healthy spinal alignment regardless of the activity in which you are participating
    • Flexibility exercises to be performed at the office and at home to maintain pain-free movement
    • At-home strengthening exercises which encourage stronger recovery and less discomfort

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Physical therapy is designed to improve your body’s overall function. Dr. Fenton uses passive rehabilitation and active rehabilitation to position your body in the best way so your future includes less discomfort and less risk of injuries. If you are struggling with pain in your back, neck, shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows and other joints, please let us show you the value of chiropractic care combined with physical therapy. Our services are designed to fit your daily needs and aim at providing improvement within your first few treatments. If you are not in pain but searching for a way to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance, we can help you with that too. Schedule your appointment with Scenic Health & Chiropractic today by calling us at (850) 438-5900.